Buttermilk Pancakes. Three light and fluffy buttermilk pancakes served with fruit. $90 

Los Azules. Three brilliantly blue pancakes made with blue cornmeal, rice flour and bananas, and smothered in a berry compote. $100

Los Tropicales. Three buttermilk banana pancakes topped with pineapple, granola and yogurt. $100

El Combo Hotcake. Two buttermilk pancakes, two eggs, bacon and fruit. $110

French Toast

Pan Frances. Two think-cut slices of homemade Challah bread dipped in a creamy vanilla-orange egg batter. Served with fruit. $115

El Combo Frances. Once slice of Challah french toast, two eggs, bacon and fruit. $120

Our Specialties

Huevos Divorciados. Two eggs sunny-side up on a fried tortilla with red and green salsa. Served with avocado, refried black beans, chorizo and queso fresco. $75

Huevos Rancheros. Two sunny-side up eggs served on top a hoja santa leaf and a handmade fried tortilla, a slice of queso fresco, avocado, salsa ranchero, and refried beans. $80

Torta Ahogada. Toasted pan de amarillo (egg-yolk bread) filled with scrambled eggs, cheese, chorizo and chepiche dipped in a tomato chile broth. $95

La Huerta. Skillet eggs with potato, beets, summer squash, mixed greens tomatoes, avocado and goat cheese. Served with a slice of toast. $100

Chilaquiles. Fried tortilla chips in a red or greed salsa tossed with quesillo and topped with queso fresco, cream, onion and a fried egg. $70

La Santa. Two poached eggs served over hierba santa leaves stuffed with cheese and refried black beans and served over a red chil morita sauce with fried plantains and cream. $95.

Chilaquiles de frijol Ⓥ. Fried tortilla chips in a bean salsa topped with avocado, pico de gallo, grilled nopal cactus and sautéed mixed greens. $80

Eggs Benedict. Poached eggs served on house-made English muffins, with sautéed greens or bacon, and smothered in hollandaise sauce. Served with a salad. $120

Quiche. Daily special served with salad. $100


Del Jardin. Mixed greens and goat cheese omelet in a chile morita sauce served with fruit and toast. $110

Del Rancho Black beans, cheese, red bell pepper, avocado and salsa ranchero. Served with toast and home fries. $110

*Egg white only 10.


Served with home fries and a small salad.

El Americano. Bacon, eggs and cheese on an English muffin. $95

La Oliva. Sautéed mixed greens, two scrambled eggs and quesillo on an English muffin. $95


Toast de Aguacate. Avocado, olive oil and salt and pepper. $70

Toast de Huevo. A fried egg, avocado, quesillo and pico del gallo. $80

Toast de Piña. Grilled pineapple, cream cheese and hierba buena. $70

Toast de Tocino. Bacon, cream cheese and chepiche. $80

Toast de Manilla. House-made almond butter, sliced bananas and honey. $70

• Served with fruit or salad •


Fresh fruit bowl. $70

Fresh fruit bowl with yogurt and granola. $80

Oatmeal. $70

Bakery Items

Cinnamon roll. $40

Banana bread. $20

Concha. $15

Empanadas. $30


Two strips of bacon. $30

Home fries. $25

Yogurt $20

One egg. $15

Avocado. $15

Small side salad. $30

🌱 – Vegetarian
Ⓥ – Vegan



Black Coffee
Small $25
Large $28

Single shot $35
Double shot $40

Espresso $25

Americano (espresso)
Single shot $28
Double shot $33

Espresso Chocolate
Single $45

Espresso Cortado $28

Single shot $35
Double shot $40

Espresso Chai Latte
Single $45
Double $50

Macchiato $28

* Extras: carga de espresso $20, leche de planta (soya, coco y almendra) $10


Chai Latte $40

Hierba Buena $28

Moraccan Gunpowder green tea $38

Poleo $28

Lemongrass $28

Toasted Almond rooibos $38

Chamomile $28

English Breakfast black tea $38

Hot Chocolate

Chocolate de Agua $35

Chocolate de Leche $35

Chocolates Espresso $45


Fresh-squeezed Orange juice
Small $25
Large $50

Jugo Verde – (Orange juice, nopal cactus, pineapple, parsley and celery.)
Small $28
Large $56

Daily Juice Special
Small $28
Large $56

Cold Drinks

Agua de Naranja $30
Agua de limón $30
Agua del día $35

Daily smoothie $65

Mineral Water $30
Naranjada $35
Limonada $35
Sodas $30

Coffee and Tea
Iced latte $43
Latte frappe $45
Iced americano $35
Iced mocha $50
Iced Green tea $40
Iced Oaxacan chocolate latte $50
Chai frappe $50
Cold Brew $50

Bebidas con Alcohol

Sol Brand $35
Suero base $10
Michelada base $15
Clamato base $25

Bubbles and cocktails
Mimosa $100
Mezcal Margarita $125